Accept Liquid Cash for more ways to get paid!

Everything You Need to Receive Payments!

Simplify business with multiple and convenient ways to accept payments.

More Ways to Get Paid with Liquid Cash!

Offer your customers the luxury of paying from anywhere, with ease!

Earn Extra Income!

Every transaction done through Liquid Cash earns you commission.

Attract more customers!

By offering a variety of services increase the number of customers coming to your shop.

Entice and reward!

Create customized campaigns to appeal to new customers and encourage repeat business with existing customers by way of Liquid Deal, discounts and savings.

Earn customer loyalty!

A little loyalty goes a long way. Sustain a loyal client base and influence spend behavior by incentivizing your Liquid Cash users with in-app digital Liquid Deals.

Banking services are provided by Evolve Bank & Trust Member FDIC.

Services you can offer with Liquid Cash!

Load Liquid Cash

Virtual ATM


Bill Pay

Load Liquid Cash

Load Liquid Cash accounts to make secure, hassle-free payments.

Liquid Load is a prepaid Code that allows you to top-up accounts to make secure, hassle-free payments online and in stores.


  1. FIND your nearest Liquid Cash retailer
  2. BUY Liquid Cash Code(s) for the amount you need.
  3. PAY & SEND Liquid Cash to anyone anywhere.

Become A Virtual ATM

Liquid Cash turns any cash register into an ATM.

Increase Revenue

Make money by dispensing cash to Liquid Cash users who want access to quick cash and increase your foot traffic and offer an opportunity for increased sales!

Increase your foot traffic

We will direct our users to your business location so that you can capitalize on our in-app marketing.

Get rid of that bulky ATM

Instead of paying merchant fees to a bank or processor, Liquid Cash pays you!


  1. FIND your nearest Liquid Cash Retailer
  2. Create a QR Code for the Cash you want.
  3. Allow Merchant to Scan the QR code
  4. Get your Cash!

Pay Solutions

Make it easier for your employees to get their pay when they need it with Liquid Cash payment solutions.

Liquid Cash saves your company money by driving adoption of electronic pay to eliminate the expense of paper checks.

Bill Pay

Join the Liquid Cash network, start offering bill payment services, and enjoy the journey to a highly profitable business.

How to get started with Liquid Cash!


Complete the online merchant form.


Our Customer Services team will activate your account within 48 hours.


Integrate using Liquid Cash’s secure Integration Web Portal.


Start accepting Liquid Cash.

Banking services are provided by Evolve Bank & Trust Member FDIC.

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