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Cryptocurrency Popular with Millennials

Out with the Old, in with the New What Makes Cryptocurrency So Popular with Millennials Companies are constantly trying to come up with ways to attract “millennials” to their products. This word is a term that represents the younger population, and is most often associated with words like “tech-savvy” and “risk-takers”. This can explain why […]

How Digital Financial Services Are Improving Quality of Life 

How Digital Financial Services Are Improving Quality of Life    Have you ever gone to a restaurant with cash, just to find out it’s cashless?  For those unbanked, the ability to have your currency accessible digitally provides a solution for many issues they can face. Most hotels require a debit or credit card, not cash, […]

5 Tips For Managing Money While Traveling Abroad

Are you planning on going on vacation abroad? When spending hours planning the trip, airfare, lodging, and transportation are usually at the forefront of your mind. Before you head to the airport, here are some tips to handle your finances so you can enjoy a stress-free vacation!   Determine how you will access the local […]

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