Who We Are

Liquid Cash, A One Stop App for All your Cash Needs!

Liquid Cash is connecting the world with digital payments, mobile banking, deals, rewards, live entertainment, direct messaging and more. From your everyday spending to an exclusive shopping experience or simply gaining special access to the hottest events, Liquid Cash has got you covered by helping you get more from your money.
Liquid Cash, powered by iYap, is a financial technology company that offers a variety of services such as digital payments, crypto, mobile banking, deal promotion, and streaming entertainment within its super app.
Liquid Cash offers customers state-of-the-art features such as – contactless checkout, currency exchange, debit cards, virtual cards, in-app shopping, concert/sports/theater tickets, bill pay, instant chat and more. 
Liquid Cash has also expanded into international markets, such as the Caribbean, to provide a premium digital lifestyle that enables people to shop, send, and pay globally, in a fast, safe, and secure way.

What We Do

Liquid Cash has partnered with several banks, merchants and entertainment networks to design exclusive member-first product benefits. This places Liquid Cash above market competitors, offering better, lower-cost options for our customers. Liquid Cash’s goal is to drive innovation, inclusion, and access across many industries and customers worldwide.

Our Mission

Liquid Cash’s mission is to build a new kind of ‘super app’ to help clients save money across the board. Liquid Cash was created with the belief that everyone deserves access to financial freedom and global commerce. Whether you live in the US or anywhere around the world, Liquid Cash provides convenience, flexibility, and global accessibility to all nationwide and internationally. GET LIQUID, IT’S A NEW WAY OF LIFE!

Our Culture

At Liquid Cash our most valuable resource is our people – with a diversity of backgrounds, ideas, options, and life experiences. We pride ourselves on hiring smart, creative, passionate professionals; true technology experts who understand the “big picture”. Our commitments to diversity and inclusion all reflect our mission to make sure everyone deserves access to financial freedom and global commerce. Join us today!

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