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Just link your bank account to your Liquid Cash wallet, top up any amount and you are good to go. Now you are ready to spend safe and secure.

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You can use Liquid Cash to make purchases just as you would with physical cards and cash. For fast, secure purchases, simply scan the QR Code.

How to pay with Liquid Cash

Cash Top-Up location

Send Cash Codes via email or SMS

Transfer to cards and bank accounts

Get simplicity and safety with Liquid Cash

Send money for free

Instantly peer-to-peer global transfers

Touch free private confidential payments

Top security with multi authentication


Liquid cash gives you options. Tap or swipe your Liquid Cash Debit Card as an alternative to digital payment.

Manage your Liquid Cash Bank account day or night

No Overdraft Fees

No Minimum Balance Fees

No Hidden Fees

No Credit Check

Liquid Cash for Business

Liquid Cash payment service. Give your customers what they need – Security and savings in every transaction.

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