Why People Love Liquid Cash?

Liquid Cash powered by iYap is a mobile app that offers fast, secure and confidential global payment options, exclusive deals and VIP rewards.   We make it quick, easy and affordable for you to help family and friends from across the globe.  So whether it’s sending a gift to mom, paying back a roommate, paying bills or simply enjoying a night out; Liquid Cash has you covered.


Why Use Liquid Cash?

With Liquid Cash, you can pay and get paid instantly. It’s important you know and trust the person you’re sending to.   Liquid Cash allows you to shop, send, spend and make payments with just a few taps on your mobile phone. Which means you can split the rent, pay your bills, and reimburse your BFF all in one convenient place.   Transactions settle instantly and travels safely from the minute you hit send, to the instant it hits your recipient’s account. No middle man. No bank. No processor.

Quick Secure & Conveniences All Built In

We make sure that you can rest easy because we don’t compromise your security or privacy.  We use triple encryption technology and multiple layers of authentication techniques to safeguard you and to keep you protected.  Keep your credit card in your wallet, simply load your Liquid Cash account with a few taps and you’re ready to pay—on online, on web, in stores and in app.

Send, Share and Make Payments

Send payments to anyone anywhere instantly for free.  Pay friends and family with your Liquid Cash account by linking your bank account or debit card. You can also load your Liquid Cash account by purchasing a Liquid Load Card at a local convenient store near you.

Make Direct Deposit to Family, Friends & Cash Buddy

Make direct deposits from your Liquid Cash account to family, friends and cash buddies across globe.  Share special moments with friends, and use Liquid Cash to split the dinner check, send a birthday gift, and much more.

Instant Chat, Connect with People in App

Stay in touch with love ones.  Instant chat and direct message your friends, family and cash buddies directly with the Liquid Cash Instant Messaging Service, the worlds most secure and private chat network.

Get Exclusive Deals & Tickets in App

Liquid Cash is more than just sending and receiving payments.  You can shop directly in the app and enjoy great savings on daily deals, event tickets and so much more.  You’ll save up to 70% on exclusive deals from top brands.

Shop-In-App, On Websites & In-Stores

Tons of websites accepts Liquid Cash as a payment option. When shopping online or at your local merchant store, ask if they accept Liquid Cash to simply scan pay and checkout with total privacy and security.

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