All you need to know about Liquid Cash’s safe and secure payments

Liquid Cash Technology

Liquid Cash, powered by iYap, is a proprietary Liquid Chain Technology that connects consumers, businesses, and financial institutions to iYap’s closed loop international deals, rewards, and payment system. It’s a fast, secure, and confidential electronic transaction rail that facilitates digital payments, commerce, rewards, crypto, banking, foreign exchange, and private messaging in one place. Our proprietary Liquid Chain tech offers the most secure and unique ways to transact globally.

Consider Compliance Covered

Transferring payments, storing data, and ongoing audits can become complex due to strict regulations. Liquid Cash covers all of the requirements for you behind the scenes with its Liquid Chain technology and multiple security partners globally. Your security is our first priority.


   PCI Level 1 Compliant ensuring credit card data is tokenized and secure

   3D Secure authentication for extra fraud protection

   KYC identity verification

   Security Pin Authentication

   2 Party OAuth verification

   GDPR, CCPA and SOC data processes

Liquid Cash Security

User’s personal and financial data is stored securely on the user’s mobile device and not by Liquid Cash. Users generate an encrypted Liquid Cash Code which can only be redeemed by an authorized merchant or the intended recipient using their pin code.

Users are able to text or email the Liquid Cash Codes and the receiver can use them at all participating merchants or redeem them through their Liquid Cash app directly into their linked account.  Once the code is used, it disappears so you never have to worry about identity theft or a stolen code.

Join Liquid Cash now and start protecting your identity and safeguard your personal data and privacy today. Send and receive money around the world securely, confidentially and more affordable than ever before.

Liquid Cash Security

Keep all your transactions discreet and private. You don’t need cards, checks, or emails at checkout- we protect your privacy and identity.

Liquid Cash Takes Security to the Next Level

   Multi-channel Hybrid Financial App: Integrating merchant processing, money transfer, payments, and rewards

   Global reach- Liquid Cash is a global transmittal app

   True Confidentiality– No email, phone number or identification needed for payments

   Liquid Cash code– One time only use code

   Triple Data Encryption (TDES)

   Facial recognition / biometric protection

   NFC (Tap-to-Pay) and Scan and Go (QR Code/Barcode)

We keep your money secure & insured

The Master Aggregated Deposit Account (MADA) for Liquid Cash is secured and established with our bank partner and serves as Liquid Cash’s (FDIC insured) Administrative Depository. The MADA is the master ledger of all (US) financial rights and obligations of Liquid Cash.

How does it work?

Users activate their Liquid Cash account by doing the following:

  1. When a user Top-Up their Liquid Cash account, their Liquid Cash Credits are deposited and held in care of the user.
  2. The transaction is registered with LC and MADA, creating a redundant accounting and auditing system.
  3. The MADA manages and sends detailed reports for the digital ledger created from the MADA.
Quick Tips
  • You must create a Liquid Cash PIN (The PIN is a security feature you will need to conduct transactions)
  • Upload a valid ID, (Some app features will be limited until your identity is verified.)
  • Buy Liquid Cash (so you can securely make purchases and send money anywhere for free.)