Deals and Rewards 

Loyalty is everything. We value our liquid cash users and we aren’t afraid to show it. Receive deal offers on brands you love, get access to exclusive events and earn money for sharing liquid cash with the ones you love.

Extremely Secure Transactions

You can rest easy because all your Liquid Cash transactions are completely safe, secure and confidentially.  We use triple encryption technology and multiple layers of authentication techniques to protect your purchases.

Shop Exclusive Deals Directly in-App

Liquid Cash is more than just sending and receiving payments.  You can shop directly in the app and enjoy great savings on daily deals, event tickets and so much more.  You’ll save up to 70% on exclusive deals from top brands.

Get Tickets & Events

We provide entertainment in the palm of your hand; local events, prime time tickets and more.  Through the Liquid Cash app you can now get low price tickets on live concerts, sports, theater and music festivals.  Our events portal also gives you access to local events for all occasions.

Perks & Rewards

You can convert your iYap Rewards into Liquid Cash and enjoy all the great benefits it has to offer.  With perks on things such as; free VIP access, backstage passes, free parking and coat check, concierge service and drink specials. We are consistently rewarding our users.

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