Grow Your Business with iCheckout and WePay

How can iCheckOut and WePay grow your business?

If you’re looking to grow your business, know that our successful business products are scalable and have the tools to drive growth. We believe Liquid Cash is dynamic and can fit into any business, large or small, meaning that as your business grows, all of your solutions will grow with it.

 There are many benefits of having a Liquid Cash Business360 account. Notably, it will make it easier to manage your retail business. Liquid Cash’s  Business360 offers comprehensive payment, ecommerce  and marketing solutions to help take your business to the next level with an all-in-one dynamic platform. Users have access to a revolutionary point of sale (POS) system, designed for you to have more control of your business with less effort. A POS system can significantly simplify everyday tasks and can be revenue-generating. Business360 offers iCheckout for merchants through their Business and Retail Dashboard. A POS  is a great way to keep track of sales, returns, and other financials for day-to-day operations. It should be your go-to tool for handling those responsibilities, and with Liquid Cash’s iCheckOut it will. In addition, Business360 offers WePay! which also contains the extra tools and features that retailers need to run a successful business, without having to purchase multiple software or have a difficult installation process.

 Below you’ll find the 3 reasons for how Liquid Cash’s Business360 can help your business reach new heights.

  1. Document Customer Information

By using our POS system, you can document your customers’ information in your system. It can be their name, phone number, purchases, e-mail, etc. By having customer data, you are able to get a better overview of your target market, as well as customer groups. This can be especially helpful for determining new or loyal customers, also giving you the opportunity to use Liquid Cash’s Customer Loyalty Program!

With their information, your business will be able to send promotions to incentivize them to visit your shop more often, building customer loyalty.  Our POS system can help you track each customer to offer Geo-targeted promotions. We offer your business the ability to use our reward engine to attract new customers and retain loyal ones. Liquid Deals and Entertainment is a premier lifestyle service where you can connect with your customer to give them access to unforgettable items and experience!  


2. Accept Multiple forms of Payment

Having a scannable code makes it easier for your customers to pay for your products. This can also make the shopping experience much more efficient, connecting customers to a complete mobile ordering and payment platform. With Liquid Cash’s iCheckOut, scan to pay has never been easier. In addition to customers being able to use digital cards and QR codes to purchase your goods, with Liquid Cash’s radical WePay, customers can pay with cryptocurrency and use their cards  at no cost to you! There are no hidden fees! Business360  is committed to reducing our merchants credit card processing fees with verified rate documentation.  

In addition to accepting different forms of payment, we also help you make money by allowing your existing and even new customers to withdraw cash, allowing your cash registers to become a virtual atm at no extra cost to you. Liquid cash users who want access to quick cash can enter your business with their code, scan it, and withdraw funds. This increases your foot traffic and invites new customers into your business! 


3. Employee Benefits

Liquid Cash’s Business360 also makes it easy for your employees to get paid! Liquid Cash’s Paycards offer a great solution for your employees who are underbanked (those who have a bank account but rely on unconventional financial services such as check cashing services) – or unbanked  (those who don’t have a relationship with a bank relationship at all). If you add the amount of unbanked and underbanked households together, this amounts to 26.9% of all U.S. households. So the chances of your employee needing a paycard is high and with Liquid Cash, you are able to improve employee satisfaction, thus increasing employee retention.  Their wages are simply loaded on to a reusable, refillable card that can then be used anywhere.

The benefits for you are equally as beneficial. Paycards are able to cut payroll costs and free up human resources staff time. They can also reduce or eliminate stop payment fees to banks and help to minimize check fraud. Even more, it makes your business more efficient because payments are authorized to employees’ paycards and you wouldn’t have to be physically present or mail paychecks to your unbanked employees. You are also able to easily deliver final pay to employees that leave the company, which helps you eliminate liability.