Here is what you can do with Liquid Cash:

Send Liquid Cash

Send money instantly to anyone around the world for free.

Receive Liquid Cash

Receive Liquid Cash from anyone around the world.

Split a Bill

Whether you’re on a date with friends or splitting expenses with your roommate, Liquid Cash makes bill-splitting instant and very easy.

Pay Merchants

Use Liquid Cash to pay at your favorite shops and restaurants, purchase online, donate to charities or pay bills.

Get Cash

Get access to cash, stop by any Liquid Cash retail agent to use our virtual ATM service.

How to Get Cash

A simple and secure process that guides you through getting your cash from our community of authorized retailers.


  1. FIND your nearest Liquid Cash Retailer
  2. Create a QR Code for the amount of Cash you want.
  3. Allow Merchant to Scan the QR code
  4. Get your Cash!

Download the Liquid Cash App


iYap Liquid Cash is a financial technology platform, not a bank.  Banking services are provided by iYap’s bank partner(s).  Currency Exchange and money transmitter services are provided by its MSB partner (s).  iYap Liquid Cash let you make secure, hassle-free online payments. Because Liquid Cash is prepaid, the risk of having your identity and banking information exposed online is eliminated. This makes it safer than conventional online payment methods.