Liquid Cash and iYap 360 have come together to offer you a complete suite of Business 360 solutions. Through our dynamic relationship, a fully integrated all-in-one 360 business dashboard was created.  This dashboard is geared to help you, our customer, accelerate your business growth, find new ways to drive innovation and offer new revenue opportunities through our banking and payment technology.

Liquid Cash and iYap have joined forces to create Business 360

Now it’s easier than ever for businesses to seamlessly collect payment, accelerate marketing, maximize revenue, and grow your brand with unparalleled agility.

Everything you need to Generate More Sales. More Cash. More Customers.

Virtual ATM

iYAP Liquid Cash turns any cash register into an ATM. Increase Revenue – Make money by dispensing cash to quick cash and increase your foot traffic and offer an opportunity for increased sales!

LC Top-UP Agent Service

iYap Liquid Cash Top-UP is a prepaid voucher system that lets you top-up your accounts to make secure, hassle-free online payments and in-stores. Liquid Cash Top-Up is like buying a gift card or topping up your mobile phone.

Merchant Processing

Our value-added products and services are focused on making sure your business earns the most money. keep more of your hard-earned money at 1.5%* merchant processing fees with zero chargeback.

Geo-target Liquid Deal Promotion

Transform your everyday into unforgettable experiences with Liquid Deal and Entertainment. Discover special offers and explore exclusive events. Liquid Deals and Entertainment is a premiere lifestyle service where you connect with friends, discover new trends, and get access to what’s hot. Get access to memorable experiences and complimentary benefits.

Digital Display Checkout Kiosk

iYap Liquid Cash POS, The trailblazer in Android POS terminal technology, is committed to empowering secure, future-proof, and scalable payment solutions worldwide.

Mass Payout/Payroll

Make it easier for your employees to get their pay when they need it with Liquid Cash payment solutions. iYap Liquid Cash saves your company money by driving adoption of electronic pay to eliminate the expense of paper checks.

Start saving today with all your Payment, Marketing and E-commerce Services on our all-in-one dynamic platform.

Our business dashboard will allow you to have more control of your business with less effort. Pick the plan that best suits your business needs now and let’s grow your business together.

Lite 360

Give your business the advantage it needs with our robust POS software and smart device. Additionally, start attracting more customers from around the world by accepting Liquid Cash payments online.

Starter 360

Grow your business with access to these expanded services our business dashboard offers in Elite 360. These products will support your efforts to increase visibility, attract new customers, offer deals and rewards, reduce your processing fees and increase your overall bottom-line.

Elite 360

Give your customers access to more than the traditional payment methods with Starter 360. Through our business dashboard you will gain access to lower processing fees, marketing support tools and revenue generating services to assist in your growth.

Pro 360

Scale up and differentiate your business rapidly with Pro 360. Our business dashboard gives you everything you need to expand your business by a simple click. Enjoy the ease of having one platform to support your money services, e-commerce and marketing needs.

Ready to start learning how to increase your revenue, traffic, cashflow & in-store spending? See our Comprehensive Guides to Navigating iYap Business 360 and Liquid Cash.