A Guide to iCheckout 360

Liquid Cash iCheckout, powered by iYap, is a point-of-sale (POS) app that uses Fintech digital solutions.  It offers both a multi-industry POS with features like inventory management, customer directories, and sales reports to help retailers manage their business along with everything you need to succeed. Additionally, it accepts digital, credit card and crypto payments.  Available in our All-in-One Business360 dashboard, business owners can set up an iYap Business360 account, quick and easy.  However, if you require assistance, simply follow this step-by-step guide to get you started.

1. Choose Which iYap Business 360 Plan Is Right for You

Start saving today on Payment, Marketing and E-commerce Services on iYap360’an all-in-one dynamic platform. the business dashboard will allow you to have more control of your business with less effort. Pick the plan that best suits your business needs now and let’s grow your business together.

2. Sign Up for an iYap Business 360 Account

The first step in using Liquid Cash iCheckout POS is setting up your iYap360 account. But before you set-up your account, you must select a Business360 plan that best fits your need. Our Plans provide additional support for business owners in the most critical areas: Payment, Marketing and E-commerce. Review the diverse suite of products and services that support the growth of your business, then choose a plan.

iYap’s process is very fast, and once you complete each step, you can set up your store and start selling right away—there’s no waiting for approval. Plus, you can change any information you enter at signup later, so don’t sweat the details.

Visit iYap360’s website, review everything iYap Business360 plans have to offer and then click “Get Started.” The plans will appear for you to compare and choose the one that best fits your business need.

Click link below to learn more about each Business360 Plan:

Once you decide on the plan, click “Sign Up Now”. Enter your Name, Username, Email, Phone and Create a Password. Then continue to the next step.

3. Set-up Your iYap Business 360 Profile

Now that you have Signed up for an account, you must set-up your profile. Your Name, Email and Phone Number will prepopulate from the sign-up page. Now you can customize your account settings by entering the remaining pertinent personal and business information requested. Once you have completed this page, click done to submit.

4. Account Confirmation & Verification

After clicking done, the below pop-up window will appear informing you that an email has successfully been sent for you to verify your account. Please check you spam when looking for this email to complete your set-up process.

Check your email (and spam) to locate the Email confirmation request. Open email and then click the “Click to confirm your email” link.

After you click the confirm your email link a Congratulations page will pop-up letting you know your email was confirmed and your profile is now set-up.  Click the continue button and login to your account. Or you can enter your username and password above the congratulations message.

Email Confirmation Screenshot

Once you’ve logged in, you will be prompted by a pop-up to complete the selection of your iYap Business 360 Plan. Click “Choose Plan” and follow the steps below to finalize your account.

5. Subscribe and Pay for Your Plan

Now choose the right iYap Business 360 Plan for you and click “Subscribe Now”.

Once you’ve selected the plan, you will be prompted to pay. In order to pay, you must load funds into your Liquid Cash Account. There will be a pop-up prompt to walk you through this process. You will set up your pin (security purpose), connect to your bank or card and then load money into Liquid Cash Account.

Once you have loaded funds into your account you can pay and access you iYap Business 360 Dashboard.

6. Access your Business360 Dashboard and POS Software

Now you have access to your iYap Business 360 Dashboard and it’s time to set-up your iCheckout 360 POS Software. You can access your POS Software from your Business Dashboard. Just Click on the LC POS Button and you will be redirected to your cloud base software sign-up page. Once there, follow the below guide to setting up your POS Account.

Step 1. Create your account for iYap Liquid Cash POS access

To be able to use the iYap Liquid Cash POS (point-of-sale), please register for your account! You can access it from your iYap Business360 or Retail Dashboard. As a business, your POS system is the most important tool you must ensure your business is running effectively. Many POS systems vary, and you’ll want to choose a POS system that can accommodate your unique business needs. The system you choose will determine whether you need professional installation and devices or if you can set up and start using your POS system yourself in just a few minutes.

Signing up for an iYap Liquid Cash POS account is simple and only takes a couple minutes. There are only three easy steps, and this guide can help you with each step! Once each step is completed, you can set up your store information and instantly start selling. There are no extra steps needed or difficult systems to configure.

Access the POS from your iYap Business360 Dashboard or Visit Liquid Cash’s POS website and press “Register”. Then, the screen below will appear.

Enter your business name, the business start date, and select the currency you want to use. We have many different currency options available! Next, enter the country your business is in, state, city, zip code, landmark, and select your time zone. You can also upload your logo, enter your website information, and business contact information, but these steps are optional and can be entered later! Once all of the information is complete, press “next” to continue on to the next step.

Tip: Make sure you include ”https://” or you’ll see the following errorError! Hyperlink reference not valid.

Step 2. Tax Information
Next, Liquid Cash will ask you to enter your business settings:

Tax 1 Name: Enter the name you want to show up on your invoices.
Tax 1 No.: Enter your EIN number for your business.

You can change any information you enter throughout this registration process later in the Liquid Cash Dashboard under “Settings”, so don’t sweat the details!

Step 3: Create Username and Password

The final step is setting up your user account! Here, as shown below, you will enter the business owner’s name and the email you want to connect to your iYap Liquid Cash POS system account. Then, you can set up your username and password!

That’s it! You’re now ready to enter the user dashboard! Click here for a tutorial on how to navigate the dashboard!

The POS Dashboard

After creating your account, you can access your Liquid Cash dashboard. This tutorial can help you navigate through the dashboard, to help your store set up be as seamless as possible!

Adjust Store Settings

The Settings section of your Liquid Cash Dashboard is where you can set up a multitude of things. If you need to change the information you entered during registration, this is where that happens! All of your business and tax information, business locations, and invoice settings can be found under the “Settings” tab. You are also able to add printers, manage your barcode settings, manage your tax rates, and change your package subscription.

Manage Customers and Suppliers

Under this section you are able to manage your suppliers and customers. You can add all of your suppliers and their information, such as business name, tax number, name, email, and more. You are also able to track customer information. For users who already have a supplier and customer list, you can easily import that list into your dashboard. If you need to download this information, it is easily exportable to excel and csv files, or you can print the information.

Manage Products

This is the bread and butter setting of your business. This is where your products are managed. Inventory management comes with your Liquid Cash account, and you’ll have to add your products and services into the system before you are able to process transactions. Add as few or as many product details you need including product type, brand, price, inventory information, and more. You are able to list your products individually or if you’ve been established and have a product list, you can import that list to add. In this section, warranty information for the products can be entered, product labels are able to be printed and the categories, and brands of the products are able to be managed. With accurate inventory levels that adjust as you make sales, you can give customers the confidence that you’ll always have a product in stock.

Manage Purchases

Customer’s purchase information can be viewed and managed here. You can change the settings if you have multiple business locations to view purchases at each location, view purchases that are still processing or already received, and more.

View Sales

Liquid Cash’s POS sales data can give you much insight regarding your business. In the “Sell” section, you can keep track of payment methods used by customers, as well as their names, information, and purchase amount. In this section, you can also manage your shipments and discounts.

View Reports

Once you’ve started processing sales and buying inventory, you can start generating a multitude of reports with the Liquid Cash POS system. By viewing these reports, you can make the necessary changes, if any, to help manage your business effectively. Reports for your profit/loss, products purchased, expenses, how purchases were made, and even your sales representatives reports are all able to be viewed under this tab. These reports can help you spot trends to determine what your customers love about your business and also can help you identify areas of improvement!

Bottom Line

iCheckout 360 is a cloud-base POS and payment processing software that works on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. iCheckout 360 makes doing business with your customer fast, safe, and secure.

It’s easy to set up an iYap Business 360 account, and it’s even easier to process payments. Best of all, iYap Business 360 is affordable to use and requires no commitment. Visit iYap360, set up your own account and test out our dashboard for yourself.

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