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What is Liquid Cash?

Liquid Cash is an all-in-one super app. It’s the most secure way to pay bills, bank, shop, earn rewards, and send money to family and friends, anywhere around the world.

How do I use Liquid Cash?

Start by downloading the Liquid Cash app on your iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux devices.

Once Download is complete, create and register your account.

Then top-up your account from cash locations, debit, or a bank account and you are good to go.

Learn how to use Liquid Cash in stores >

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Learn how to redeem Liquid Cash >

What can I do with Liquid Cash?

You can use Liquid Cash to make purchases just as you would with physical cards and cash. It works anywhere Liquid Cash is accepted — in stores, restaurants and online. You can also transfer your Liquid Cash to your bank account.

How do I redeem Liquid Cash that was sent to me?

In the Liquid Cash app, you can redeem the secure cash code sent by your sender or scan a QR code.

How do I add funds to my Liquid Cash account?

Loading your Liquid Cash account is as simple as choosing a method. You can load Liquid Cash from your bank, a debit card, or at top-up locations. Simply enter your secure pin and click load.

Why do I need to verify my identity?

We appreciate users being careful with their personal information and avoiding emails that may seem suspicious. In this case, identity verification is a necessary process that ensures a person’s identity matches the one that is supposed to be. Only a government issued identification from any country is accepted.

Liquid Cash powered by is a financial technology platform, not a bank.  “Banking services are provided by our bank partners Member FDIC.” “By using our services, you authorize Liquid Cash to hold your deposits for your benefit in an account (“FBO Account”). For purposes of applicable FDIC deposit insurance limitations, please note that deposits in Liquid Cash FBO Account may not be separately insured from any other deposit accounts you may have.

Liquid Cash let you make secure, hassle-free online payments and because Liquid Cash is prepaid, the risk of having your identity and banking information exposed online is eliminated. This makes it safer than conventional online payment methods. By clicking on some of the links, you will leave the iYap Liquid Cash website and be directed to some third-party websites. The privacy practices of those third parties may differ from those of iYap and Liquid Cash. We recommend you review the privacy statements of those third-party websites, as iYap and Liquid Cash is not responsible for those third parties’ privacy or security practices.

iYap is our backend software provider, and partners with financial institutions to provide digital payments and FDIC insured banking services. iYap’s API, and their relationship with financial institutions, enables us to offer banking services and products. By agreeing to Liquid Cash’s TOS and Privacy Policy, you also agree to iYap’s terms and policies below.

Liquid Cash is a financial technology company and banking, money transfer and crypto currency services are provided through partnerships with our licensed service provider.  By opening up an account on Liquid Cash, you agree to our licensed providers and iYap’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.